2024 Presidential Betting Odds

2024 presidential betting odds are shaping up to look very similar to odds that were offered in 2020, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden look to go head to head once again. Even before either was made the official candidate for their respective party, these two have had the shortest odds to be the 2024 president since the 2020 election ended.

While the odds have gone back and forth, Donald Trump has had the shortest betting odds for the most part. This also may seem similar to 2020, as Trump was the favorite when the voting began. As we all know, Biden won the election as the betting underdog. Whether you think the same outcome will occur in 2024, or Trump will become the second president to ever serve non-consecutive terms, place your bets today at Bovada, BetOnline, or other presidential betting sites for 2024.

Current 2024 Presidential Election Odds

Top Sportsbooks For Political Betting

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Best Political Betting Sportsbooks
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Types of Presidential Betting Odds for the 2024 Election

While it is the most popular, betting on the winner of the 2024 Presidential Election is not the only way to get in on the action. One of the second most popular bet types is wagering on the winning party. Another super popular wager type is on the party of the popular vote winner. As seen in the 2016 election where Donald Trump did not win the popular vote but won the election, anything can happen. Check out all of the current presidential betting props below:

Winning Party Odds

Popular Vote Winner

Party of Popular Vote Winner

Do Political Sportsbooks Have Odds On Biden Dropping Out?

Even though there has been heavy speculation surrounding President Joe Biden dropping out of the race, it appears this will not be the case. Because many politicians have requested that Biden step aside, his odds at political betting sites have shifted back and forth. While you may not find odds on Biden stepping aside directly, his odds have greatly shortened and Trump and Kamala Harris’s odds have lengthened.

Democratic Candidate Odds At Political Betting Sites

Democratic VP Odds At Political Betting Sites

Where To Find Political Betting Odds On Kamala Harris Becoming President?

Ever since Biden’s shaky debate against Donald Trump on June 27, his odds of becoming president have shifted around. For a couple of weeks, Kamala Harris actually had the second shortest odds of becoming the president behind Donald Trump. Until voting begins, expect Harris’s odds at political sportsbooks to fluctuate and stay in the mix of the top three favorites to lead the country in 2024.

Can I Bet On Electoral College Winners?

Yes, political betting sites offer odds on the winner of each state. Whether you want to put big money on a Democratic or Republican state or take a chance on a swing state, Electoral College odds are available until the winners are determined.

Electoral College Odds By State

State Democrat Odds Republican Odds
PA 170 -120
RI -2500 850
SC 1400 -10000
SD 1400 -10000
TN 1400 -10000
TX 750 -1900
UT 950 -3300
VT -3300 950
VA -250 185
WA -4000 1000
DC -10000 1400
WV 1400 -10000
WI 150 -200
WY 1400 -10000
NE CD2 -135 105
NE CD3 1800 -20000
NE CD1 1800 -20000
NV 290 -430
NH -150 115
NJ -750 440
AL 1800 -20000
AK 850 -2500
AZ 250 -360
AR 1400 -10000
CA -5000 1100
CO -900 500
CT -2500 850
DE -5000 1100
FL 850 -2500
GA 275 -400
HI -4000 1000
ID 1100 -5000
IL -1900 750
IN 1100 -5000
IA 1100 -5000
KS 1100 -5000
KY 1800 -20000
LA 1100 -5000
ME CD1 -1600 700
ME CD2 750 -1900
MD -5000 1100
MA -3300 950
MI 130 -170
MN -230 170
MS 1400 -10000
MO 1100 -5000
MT 1100 -5000
NM -300 220
NY -2000 800
NC 385 -625
OH 950 -3300
OK 1100 -5000
OR -1600 700

Who Can I Bet On To Run For President?

While Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the heavy favorites to represent each side for the 2024 election, there are still other politicians that can be wagered on. Sites offering political betting odds take bets on people who have announced their campaigns. Also, there are odds on people that have not announced but sportsbooks have enough of a suspicion that they could run as independent. Take advantage of these odds before the official Democratic and Republican nominees become official.

  • Gavin Newsom
  • Michelle Obama
  • Kamala Harris
  • Nikki Haley
  • Robert Kennedy, Jr
  • Gretchen Whitmer
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Vivek Ramaswamy
  • Dean Phillips
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Joe Manchin
  • Ron DeSantis
  • Jared Polis
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Andrew Yang
  • Asa Hutchinson
  • Ben Sasse