2018 Midterm Election Odds

As we gear up for another mad(dening) election season in America, most legal online sportsbooks are beginning to post their 2018 midterm election odds. With a number of Senate and House seats threatening to change hues over Donald Trump’s latest reality show antics, there are bound to be races of import in just about every state. One particularly key area of interest will be in the gubernatorial realm, where more than half of the states will be voting on retaining or replacing their existing governors.

Since most bookmakers like Bovada (and other top betting shops) haven’t posted their 2018 midterm election odds just yet, you won’t be able to make your wagers until the fields are determined and the electoral landscape clears up a bit. The elections will all be held near the end of the year (November 6), but if history is any indication, you’ll be able to place your bets several months before that. Keep checking back at your favorite sportsbooks for updated odds as election season kicks into full swing.

2018 Gubernatorial Odds

With 36 governors up for reelection or replacement this year, the 2018 gubernatorial odds are sure to be action-packed at Bovada et al. Currently, there are 26 Republican-held governorships being challenged, while only 9 Democrat administrations will be voted on. There’s also a single independent up for reelection (Alaska’s Bill Walker). The majority of these races – to hear the pundits and analysts wax endlessly about them – are perilous for the incumbents, and several states may even change “color” as the party in charge is flipped the other way. Check in at your oddsmaker of choice as election season nears for a complete menu of gubernatorial races as part of their 2018 midterm election odds.

2018 Senate Race Odds

Right now, the US Senate is composed of 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats (two of whom are “independents,” which is an effectively meaningless differentiator from the mainstream Democrat party). Of the 34 seats up for grabs this year, 26 are controlled by the Democrats, who need just two seats to gain control of the chamber. However, this outcome seems unlikely, as none of the “Red” states in play strongly favor a Democrat candidate. In the Senate races, the current projections favor a Republican gain of 1-3 seats. As the campaigning season heats up, the 2018 Senate race odds will be available to wager on at your sportsbook of choice.

2018 House Race Odds

The 2018 House race odds haven’t been posted yet, but there’s going to be a lot of action on these contests at most online sportsbooks. Currently, Republicans retain the House of Representatives by a narrow margin with 238 seats – or just 20 more than the minimum for majority control. Most “simulations” (whatever that means) and various polls indicate that the Democrats will gain the House majority come November 6, with Republican representation dipping to 210 seats or so.

Notable 2018 State House Races

Some states wield more power than others when it comes to their policies being a test-bed for federal government implementation, so several are likely to be included in the 2018 midterm election odds. States where local elections matter on the national level will get a handful of betting odds at different sportsbooks, so keep an eye out for notable 2018 state house races in places like New York, California, Washington, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and other big-city/destination states.

Mobile 2018 Election Betting Apps

While there are no mobile 2018 election betting apps available on Google Play or in Apple’s App Store, you can still follow and wager on all the political betting you could ever want from the comfort of your own phone. Betting shops like Bovada, BookMaker, BetDSI, and others all have streamlined, mobile-optimized web pages that make it quick and easy to place bets on the 2018 midterm election odds no matter where you are. In fact, using your iPhone or Android to place political bets is the safest, most secure way to do so, as these devices are less vulnerable to attack than traditional computers.

Where To Bet On The 2018 Midterm Elections

Typically, most legal online sportsbooks will have some manner of political betting, albeit they’re often limited to big national elections and various props thereof. The Donald is a particularly hot commodity right now, obviously. That said, his influence is driving up massive wagering interest on all the other national races coming up, so if you’re looking for where to bet on the 2018 Midterm Elections, you’ll be able to make your predictions at places like Bovada, BookMaker, and BetDSI. Signing up at any of these offshore betting shops is legal, fast, and free, and you can even get various bonuses to help you monetize your “votes” on the 2018 midterm election odds.

Betting On The 2018 Elections At Bovada

Bovada is the most respected sportsbook on the planet, and if you sign up now, you’ll get all the odds and props for just about every important political contest this year. Betting on the 2018 elections at Bovada is easy and quick thanks to their best-in-class website and navigation design, and new members can enjoy a $250 Sports Welcome Bonus to put towards any political wager offered. (It is, of course, ironic – and apt – that sportsbooks consider governance to be a sport. That kind of honesty is refreshing when it comes to politics.)

Betting On The 2018 Midterms At BookMaker

You can also find lots of betting on the 2018 Midterms at BookMaker, which is another top sportsbook and Internet betting shop. Like Bovada, BookMaker offers new members a 50% Sports Welcome Bonus with a maximum value of $300 (as well as a Casino Bonus for the same amount). BookMaker also offers a mobile betting suite for streamlined, on-the-go political wagering, and you’ll be able to get various lines on the 2018 midterm election odds that differ from the competition. Signing up is always free, and payouts are guaranteed to be timely and complete.

How To Fund Your 2018 Election Betting Account

There’s no real secret when it comes to how to fund your 2018 election betting account – just use a credit or debit card! Of course, that’s fiat money, which plays right into the government’s hands. If you really want to make a statement this political season, put some cryptocurrency on your sportsbook’s 2018 midterm election odds. These petty tyrants hate decentralized money more than anything, and using their lies and nonsense to grow your unregulated finances is that much more icing on the cake. Sites like Bovada, BookMaker, and BetDSI all accept Bitcoin, and other altcoins are being actively considered for future use.

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